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Roger has been a substantial part of the market accounts since 2015.  His strong, and at times unprecedented, track record in using numerology and Chinese astrology to develop accurate insights,

opinions, forecasts, etc (non of which constitute financial advice) is clear.  @777RIT, in his private twitter account, looks forward to providing frequent tweets and newsletters that educate his followers so that they may go on to both learn and profit.  Dozens of current subscribers have learned secret information and codes you can’t find in a book or online, all while making substantial returns!

​A wealth of information from previous newsletters, trading accounts and the current market subscription service is available here.

Mike joined the GG33 market team in late 2017. He has been trading options markets, futures, indices, and the Forex markets for decades. He uses every tool in the book (western astrology, numerology, WD Gann ​

methods, Elliot Wave, and his own proprietary screens to find near-perfect trade entries & exit points.

He correctly called the Top of Nasdaq before a steep drop in November 2017, ​the top of the ​market on January 28 2018, the next top in October 2018, the bottom in December, and the final top of the 11 year bull run in Feb. 2020. Subscribers were also given the current (as of this writing) bottom on March 23 2020 and projections on where and when it will top again and how low it will go, along with a likely recovery path with timing before the next (and larger) crash is set to occur.

​His trading style is not for everyone. He is extremely anal about limiting losses to a few points and exiting a trade as soon as the market proves him wrong (no one is 100%). However, gains have been incredible. 500% gains in options overnight, ​Several thousand points calling the top of the DAX & shorting, several hundred pips over a few days in the Forex market, and more. He does alert way in advance when a position / swing trade is possible, but as many can attest, the market ​has been extremely volatile & choppy. Mike prefers to take chips off the table & let small profits build rather than “hope & pray”. Sometimes daytrades turn into swing trades, and sometimes it's the other way around. The market dictates how we react, not the other way around.

This service has grown ​substantially. It now has its own website at https://www.AstroTechTrading.com

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