​​Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets Corporate Elite Use To Future-Proof Their Companies, Influence The Market & Reap Soaring Profits, Year after Year.

​30 Minute Crash Course in
Numerology and Chinese Astrology

Hi There,

Mike Caruana here, one of Gary's GG33 Students, part of the GG33 Market Team, and what you may not know about me...

I've been a professional marketer for over three decades. ​Launching new ideas and business is nothing new to me, Neither are the struggles which come with it, What did come as a welcome surprise was the result of implementing Numerology and Chinese Astrology in business and marketing.

Struggles seem to subside.

Daily tasks became effortless and more efficient.

Profits soared, in record time.

Since you would have to go through all of Gary's material, then test concepts, then implement a portion of them to get this to work, I figured other people can use it too and why reinvent the wheel?

With Gary's permission (Actually, this is now HIS course. I created it for GG33 and turned it over) this crash course cuts through basic stuff at a rapid pace and places emphasis on showing you how to use the concepts for business and marketing. No prior knowledge in Numerology or Chinese Astrology is necessary.​

​Then, the secret numerology used by elites such as Walt Disney and several others gets exposed and you are given specific steps to take so that you can get the same unfair edge in your business, no matter what you are selling.

​​No Fluff, No Bullshit.

​This is designed for quick implementation so you can reap profits instead of burying yourself in a gazillion pdfs and videos. I don’t need to dazzle you with intelligence and baffle you with bullshit. The stuff is straightforward and simple, but has high value.

Minor changes to WHEN you are doing some of the things you are already doing can have a drastic impact on your bottom line. And of course… there’s the stuff you aren’t doing, or may be doing wrong.

Ever feel like you’re pissing into the wind to try and get sales up?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Once you discover how to make energy work in your favor (and avoid negative energy) the sails magically pick up steam… in the right direction.

Bonus Course: GSDF Marketing Primer

When Gary announced the course, I wasn’t expecting the huge positive response received, and that posed a problem, because…

I see what many of you are doing and basic marketing funnels are non-existent. Some of you are wasting valuable time doing tedious crap by hand which is easily automated. Or… not doing it at all and leaving money on the table.

This has nothing to do with Astrology or Numerology. There’s no esoteric knowledge in this like there is for the Numerology for Business and Marketing Course. This is just common stuff (or at least it’s common among people who properly market products and services).

It would really suck if you have a stellar product or service to offer the world but can’t exploit the course to full potential, so…

That forced me to raise the bar for GG33 and include a bonus course you would likely spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on to learn to do this stuff.

It’s called the GSDF (get shit done fast) marketing primer. Really, I can’t overhype it (or even try to hype it) because it’s simple, basic stuff. Yet, not many people implement it and Internet Marketers know its value so they charge a high price tag. And the problem with that is, they have to give you 9,432 pdf’s and videos to justify the price when it can be stripped down to a few easy lessons.

To make this simple, the fluff is all stripped away. Heck, it’s complimentary, so there’s no need to justify a high price tag with useless info to fill pages. In fact, I’ll guarantee you this – If you aren’t doing the two simple things presented in the first module, just implementing those alone will put you light years ahead of everyone else. And… they can be done in less than hour. You don’t need a website or technical experience.

The GSDF primer will take you under the hood of Gary’s site and a few of my own, including a VERY Secret Anonymous launch of a successful book.

Here’s something very important:

In the event Twitter (or another social media platform) kicks you to the curb, how will you contact your entire following?

How will you rake in money if you have to rebuild your platform?

Can you even do it?

Hint: This does not involve networking with your biggest circle of influence to promote a new account (although that can certainly be done if you have the clout). This is for the nobody. The little guy (or gal) who wants a sustainable business regardless of what wild hairs grow up Jack (or Zuckerberg’s) ass.

Watch… as we go under the hood and you’ll see how it’s done.

​$​1250 To Purchase This By Itself
Included With ​Numerology & Chinese Astrology Course