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​Numerology & Chinese Astrology Readings

Having Appeared on ABC News/Yahoo/ National Radio Shows, Since 2001, Gary has given over 17,000 Readings!

Gary has changed the life of countless people with his accurate life-changing Numerology and Chinese Astrology readings

S​tudent Reading: ($​​​107) ​30 Minute Reading with one of Gary's top students. Appointments available within 24 hours. *Send $107 Using Cash App.

​Detailed Reading 1 hour With Gary: ($1​​88) A highly in-depth, custom, personalized reading ​with substantial extra time to explore very specific details and issues in your business and personal life. You’ll learn how aspects of numerology/vibrational energy are specifically affecting you. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do and more importantly, what not to do in the year ahead. Please note there is a 3-10 day wait list. *Send $1​88 Using Cash App.