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       You can attend hundreds of Parties, functions and social gatherings  with a hope to meet that special person, you can ask your friends, relatives to find that special person based on your likes and dis-likes, but None of it can guarantee you of finding your soul mate, Can they?

     How many of them have you dated before with a hope of finding that special  person in him/her, but finally being disappointed to find out that the person doesn’t fit well.

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3.Decan Stars

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        Being personally trained by world renowned Numerologist Gary Grinberg, Ashwin Kumar has been in the field of Numerology for more than 8 years, today he is here to help you find a perfect soul mate  for you…

      If you order our “Soul Mate Report”, based on your date of birth, applying Numerology, Chinese Astrology and finally Decan Star Astrology, You will be given a list of soul mate date of birth’s, people born on those dob’s will be your perfect match(soul mates)


Ashwin Kumar K V

Team #GG33

Personally trained by Gary the Numbers Guy,