​​Nothing Happens by Coincidence, Now I Know Why...

The services provided by GG33 are invaluable to say the least. I knew that nothing really happened by coincidence but wasn’t sure as to why events were occurring when they were. As a result, I was feeling lost and in the way of myself and didn’t know how to get out of the way. After taking the video classes on numerology and astrology, I now understand why events happen in the manner they do. I feel like I’m on the way to fulfilling my destiny in life instead of in the way.

​Charlie H

​​Take It From Someone With A Chinese Background, Gary Is The REAL DEAL...

I have always been curious about the laws of numerology and astrology. Heck, I am part Chinese and my parents taught me the basics – which animal is good and which days to watch out. I wanted to further my knowledge so I went looking a little deeper. I stumbled upon loads and loads of folks who talk a good game, but it wasn’t until I found Gary when things really started to take hold.

Not only odes he make you understand how things “REALLY” work, but he can show you how things happen and can happen. He nas enabled me, coached me, and given me the comprehension to the “REAL” meaning of life. I would encourage anyone who is remotely breathing to take his course and achieve a better perception of this world and how to address it.


​A MUST If You Want REAL Knowledge In Life...

In 2009 I became interested in numerology. For some reason it caught my attention on the radio at night. A few years later, on local radio, I heard Gary talking about world events and numerology. Things made a lot of sense. In 2011, I opened a twitter account just to follow him. He even took the time to respond to one of my tweets. He didn’t have to, but did. In 2017 I took his classes and have been blown away on how everything is imprinted with numerology and astrology. The classes are a must if you want real knowledge in life!

​Antonio C

​This Information Can't Be Found Anywhere...

I’ve followed Gary for a long time (years back) and have found him putting out new (nowhere to be found) knowledge, examples, and spot on predictions. I know, as I’ve read many esoteric books from astro trading to numerology and vibrational energy books. I’ve also bought the sports code and stock market numerology services which are unsurpassed.

​Kevin -- The Netherlands

​It's True... You Can Definitely Read People Like a Book!

I studied various astrology, numerology, and new age systems for over 25 years. I thought I knew everything. Until I studied with Gary The Numbers Guy. I realized I knew nothing! The advanced knowledge I learned from Gary gas truly helped me to discover the world around me in a whole new light. It’s true… you can definitely read people like a book!