​​​Numerology Written Readings

Numerology is an ancient science of Numbers that helps you understand your life goals, strengths, weakness, opportunities and hidden challenges. It not only offers invaluable information about your inner self, it also offers insights into opportunities you can expect in coming years and also keeps you aware of possible challenges you will face in future.

Numerology offers ultimate guidance in career, health, relationship and almost every aspect of your life.

When you order "Basic Numerology" written readings report today, you get the following:

Introduction to 2 most important numbers that affects your LIFE, i.e

1. Life Path Number

2. Birth Number

You get to learn brief overview of these 2 numbers in few paragraphs. Your strengths, weaknesses and basic characteristics overview based on these 2 numbers.

Brief overview about your Chinese Astrology sign,

You are born under a particular Chinese Animal sign based on your year of birth, This report gives you a basic overview of your Animal sign and also points out to your friendly and enemy animal signs which helps you find out who can be of most help in your life and who can bring you trouble.

List of suitable Professions and Health advice

Numerology and Chinese Astrology can point out to few professions that can bring you success, this report lists out few professions that best suits your numbers and Chinese animal sign.

Certain lifestyle changes or cultivating certain habits helps you maintain a good health, based on your Numbers/Animal sign, this report gives out one or two health advises that helps you.

Personal year cycles for next 1(or 2) years:

You enter a new personal year cycle on your birthday every year, each cycle has its own vibration and they offer unique opportunities, understanding these cycles helps you take right decisions and choose your actions wisely. This report gives a brief overview of these cycles in few paragraphs.

Upcoming Favorable/Enemy years

Based on your Chinese Animal sign, you get to know which years can be helpful/troublesome.

Bonus: Vedic Astrology Highlights

You will be introduced to your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant. This section gives few points(around 4 to 5 points) about your birth chart




Note: During payment, you will get instructions to forward your birth details to my email id. I will contact you back via same email ID within 24 to 72 hours of receiving your email. It will take few weeks to receive your report from the date of providing your birth details. Exact number of weeks will depend on the number of orders in queue, you will be informed about your it via email.

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